About us

Immagine della sartoria

The beginnings

This old photo dates back to
the beginning of the 60s,
when my father and his family
decided to open this business.

Looking for the material to write this page,
I discovered that it was very difficult to find
old photos taken at work.
They did not use it once.
There was a great discretion for these things,
especially at work, where people did not go
well dressed, or at least, definitely not to be photographed!

mamma e papà

A polaroid, of my parents
at work together, happy.
Probably the only picture I have
of them at work.

I believe that commitment and reliability
are always repaid.
In business too.
My parents have always taught me respect for

Do things as if you were the customers.

We have always put great care in making
our products and in using the best materials.

immagine di sfilata

Picture of the 90s fashion show.

During the 80s and 90s we participated
at numerous fashion events.
We did many new and different products,
ranging from tailoring to fashion accessories.
The fashion shows were a moment to
show all our skills.

But the world changes, sometimes in our favor and sometimes not.
In the 90s started the era of fast fashion and brands  to show off. This decreed the decline for the
craftsmen that focused only on product quality
rather than appearance.

For many long years, quality and commitment were no longer sufficient to be appreciated.
We were not a brand, a brand to be exhibited, being artisans  hadn’t any appeal.

The market was changing and we didn’t know how to react.

scena di laboratorio

We decided to stay attached
to our values, despite everything!
We knew the state of the art
of our job so we kept on doing it.
Nothing less.
We tried to continue being
ourselves, not to betray our identity,
and to resist.

Sometimes efforts and perseverance are repaid,
luckily we have had this chance.
Simply by observing the world around us,
we have noticed how pets have become
important for people, and then the idea to
produce accessories for the pet world.

Bags and pet accessories opened up to us
a new and engaging perspective.

Mix fashion elements and world of pet
allows us to create new products, and
set our creativity free.

A world of products and a market
still to be discovered but which is
already giving us a lot of satisfactions!