Dog Carrier Leather Tote Bag Michelle


Made of genuine Italian leather tanned in Italy
Completely handmade in Bologna, Italy.
They are included :
– Two removable zippered leather pockets
– A removable protection net
– A removable internal nylon protection

Standard size 14 x 13h x 6 inches
Large size 17 x 14h x 7 inches

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Dog carrier women’s tote bag Michelle,
the new bag with a very clean line and
that can be opened on one side.

Of course, the side opening in the dog carrier
is necessary for the dog the to keep his head
out during the walks, and not feeling forced
inside it, but also a modern design motif.

Michelle is probably the bag that better comes out, from the point of view of our philosophy.
In fact it is the one that looks less like a dog bag,
and, that more than others, can only be used
as a bag for women.

Actually, the two chrome zippers on the side, are not
only functional as a technical object, but they are
also a very successful aesthetic motif, as they are
inserted in the clean and essential line of Michelle.

Like all our range of products, it is naturally designed
to mix, both the idea of a women’s bag, and that
of an
accessory suitable for transporting a dog.
As a result, it is full of accessories and features related
to the pet world.

Just to ease the transport of your beloved four-legged
friend, here is a list of the accessories and the
peculiarities of Michelle.

In addition to the opening side that facilitate the
transport of the dog, that can keep the head out of
the bag during a walk, the other most innovative
accessory of this bag is a net, perfectly integrated
in the line of the bag that allows you to completely
close the bag leaving a full circulation of air inside
and that also allows you to control the dog inside.
The net fits into the zip of the bag and is completely
removable in a few seconds.

Other features are:
– the reinforced bottom that easily supports the
weight of a dog without deforming the bag, equipped
with metal feet.
– two large removable zippered side pockets.
– a lanyard with snap-hook to secure the dog’s collar
when you carry it in your bag or when you leave him
inside. The fact that he can not escape from the
dog carrier when you leave him alone for a moment,
it’s an important safety factor.
– a removable nylon bag that can be put inside the bag
through practical Velcro buttons.
When the dog gets dirty, or it rains, or and you want
to safeguard the internal cleaning of the bag
or separate the transport of your dog from other
items contained in the bag, a nylon bag like this,
can be providential!
Putting it and removing it is really a matter of a
few seconds!

Michelle is entirely handmade, in our laboratory
in Bologna, Italy.
The leather used is original Italian and tanned in Italy.
Two colours available, black and buff.
In our range also coordinated pet accessories.
The dimensions are 35 x 31 x 16 cm.

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Black, Buff, Brown, Grey

Standard size/Large size

Standard 14 x 13h x 6 in, Large 17 x 14h x 7 in