Dog leash in genuine Italian leather


Dog leash in genuine Italian leather
Elegant handcrafted product
Only genuine Italian leather tanned in Italy
Two versions available:
Thin leash with bon-ton bag, suitable for small dogs
One inch wide leash without bon-ton bag, suitable for medium and large dogs
Average length about 120 cm (48 inches)

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Dog leash in genuine Italian leather tanned in Italy. Entirely handmade, in our workshop in Bologna, Italy, using only top quality leathers.

Length 120 cm approx
Generally the length is never the same,
because it depends on the length of the
leather from which it is made.

Although it is used predominantly for
small dogs, this accessory is reinforced.

In fact, inside it hides a tape that guarantees
its robustness and its non-deformability.
The handles and the ends are finished
by steel screws which guarantee their

In general our products are designed for pets,
but the high quality of the leather materials,
the extreme care in craftsmanship and the technical solutions that we gradually adopt,
make these accessories suitable for dogs
of almost all sizes.

So let’s talk a bit about the bon ton bag.
Anyone who wants to take their dog for a walk
must remember to take the sanitary bags with them.

Usually the toilet bags are sold in small rolls that
can be carried in small boxes.
So we have reinterpreted these small boxes,
making them similar to a small elegant wallet.
Made with the same leather and lined in nylon,
it has a hole with a chrome edge in the middle.
The flap that closes the bon ton bag has a small
magnet that guarantees closure.

For practicality and to avoid the risk to forget
the toilet bags, the bon ton bag is equipped
with a small ring-shaped snap-hook, which
it can be hooked to the handle of the dog leash.
The handle has a small chrome hole, which does
not disturb the usability, whether the bon-ton bag is hooked on or not.

Of course, due to its characteristics,
which allow you to put it on and take it off,
you can also choose to carry the bon-ton bag
in your bag, as if it were a small discreet leather wallet.

Furthermore all our range of accessories,
our dog leash can be combined with the dog harness and the Emily dog ​​bag, and create a unique and elegant set of accessories!

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