Dog leashes in genuine Italian printed leather


Dog leashes in genuine Italian leather printed Cocco
Completely handmade in Italy
Length 120 cm
With bon-ton bag

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Our dog leashes are made  in genuine
leather elegantly printed coconut.
Completely handmade in our workshop
in Bologna, Italy, with top-quality Italian

These particular accessories blends
perfectly our idea of ​​fashion
applied to the pet world.
Which is also our mission.

Designing fashion objects for
woman, a lot of time is dedicated
looking for the right materials, that
must match the design of the object
that you want to produce but also
to the fashion mood of the moment.

We decided to have this kind of
approach to the production of
accessories for animals.
A very challenging approach that
goes far beyond the classic design
of accessories for animals, but that
implies a constant update to the world
in continuous evolution of fashion.

Our idea, when we decided
to begin this business,
was that animal accessories
could be made following the
same principles of fashion
accessories for women.
Rather beautiful, both in
aesthetics and in accomplishment!

Of course this involves the
design research related to
raw materials and to the form.
Not to mention the way these
accessories for pets are made!

It is for medium-sized dogs too!

Technically speaking these dog leashes
are extremely robust, reinforced
inside and finished with chrome-plated
brass screws, and are suitable to be used
not only with small dogs but also with
medium-sized dogs.

Like the other models, the dog leashes
are equipped with the bon ton bag,
a small bag made with the same leather
and which serves to contain hygienic bags.
Clearly the small bon ton bag is
equipped with a small ring-shaped
snap-hook which allows it to remain
attached on the leash.

This fashion project linked to the world of
pet, it becomes real in the possibility
to create very elegant outfits, being able
to match the harnesses and the dog carriers,
that are made with the same leather and in
the same colours.

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