Two dog leash in genuine Italian leather


The ideal solution for walking with two dogs
An elegant gift for those who own more animals
Completely handmade in Bologna, Italy
Made with genuine Italian leather tanned in Italy
Main leash length 120 cm.
Extension length 40 cm.


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One Leash for two dogs!
Here is the news! A two dog leash that
allows you to walk your two dogs at the
same time using only one lead!

Obviously the idea came to me from people,
when I realized how many people have
more than one dog, even two or more,
and they have to untangle themselves
among myriads of leashes of all kinds,
long and short.

So I thought to make an accessory
that would unite them all!
I designed it in this way.
A main lead identical to a traditional
one, but, at about thirty cm from the
end has a small ring inserted firmly
and securely inside, to which, you can
attach an extension that goes to the
other dog.

Of course the extension has a snap-hook
at each end and is more or less forty cm long.
Believe me! It’s a comfortable and
very elegant solution!

For the rest it is the same as a traditional lead,
120 cm long and equipped like all the others
of our range with a bon ton bag.

If you have not read it yet, on the other pages,
I briefly sum up what the bon-ton bag is.
The bon ton bag is a small leather bag, which
serves as a dispenser to hold the roll of toilet bags.

In addition, to match with the other pet
accessories of our range, it is made made of the same leather of the two dog leash, and it is equipped with a small ring-shaped snap-hook to be fixed to the handle.


Of course, for a particular type of product like that, we thought it could be interesting for the customer to have the possibility to ask for custom orders.
If you are interested in combing different sizes of dog harnesses or, for example, requesting a leash for three dogs, send an email with your needs,
I will send you a quote with costs and feasibility.

Obviously, even the two dog leash, like all our products, can be combined with the dog harnesses and the dog bag Emily, to create very elegant sets and outfits

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